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My Glastonbury moment

Sun 24th Sep 2017

I recently was booked to work at a wedding in rural Norfolk with the venue given as "The Field". It was literally in the middle of nowhere with all approaching roads nothing more than what the Irish would call "boreens" which means very narrow and often with grass growing down the middle! My Sat Nav, which I run off my tablet, wouldnt work as I had no signal so I had to rely on my map reading skills to get me there. Once arrived I noticed a number of people hadnt ventured on to the field to park as one look at the churned up state of the entrance probably meant you wouldnt get out again without the help of a tractor or guests giving you a push. I arrived in the light so I was able to pick my way through what little areas of grass were left, although coming out later on in the dark I had no chance, as you couldnt work out what was grass or mud so you had to just get muddy. And would you believe it... I had my car cleaned earlier in the day!!! That said it was a great event for me to work at with what I would describe as one of the best weddings I have done for some time. I would particularily like to thank Richard and Barbara the parents of the bride who booked me and made me feel very welcome.