Caricatures by Steven Garner

Steven Garner Caricaturist

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Keele University.

Tue 26th Sep 2017

For many years I was asked along to Keele University to draw caricatures at their Students events. I often noticed an elderly man always sitting in reception who seemed to know everyone, but I could never work out his role or status. He always asked for his picture to be drawn which I did, and I often said to him that he must have quite a collection of my drawings at home!!! Imaging my surprise when recently I went on the BBC I Player and saw his photo on there sat next to one of my favourite actors Toby Jones. It turns out that his name is Neil Baldwin and he is something of a local hero at Keele, having turned up in the 1960s and announced that he was going to become a unofficial liason officer to welcome new students. The university didnt mind and he continued this role until very recently. Then someone discovered his past which was colourful to say the least, wrote a screenplay about him, and the BBC made it into a film with Toby Jones playing the main lead as Neil