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Mon 12th Sep 2016

Back in 2007 I had a call from a young lady called Christie Goddard from Denham in Bucks asking would I like to draw caricatures at her forthcoming wedding. It was to be held at a marquee at her house, a common enough event. A fee was agreed which was what I would describe as "normal" for a 3 hour gig. In her letter of confirmation she named her future husband as Shane Roche. It was after a phone call from a wedding coordinator a few weeks later who explained that she was running the event on behalf of the bride and groom, and could I give her my car details as this was needed to get past security at the gate!!" Blimey!!" I said," who is getting married then?". "Shane Ritchie" came the answer (Roche is his real name). With hindsight I dont blame Christie for not telling me who she was marrying as I strongly suspect she thought I would hike my price up if I knew she was marrying a millionaire.

Sadly I wasnt allowed to take any photos of the event as Hello magazine were covering the event. But it was a great experience for me to rub shoulders with the great and good