Caricatures by Steven Garner

Steven Garner Caricaturist

Caricature by Steven Garner of Steven Garner!

My love of drawing caricatures started early. I remember when I was about 8 years old saying to my dad that I was going to draw his portrait.

After I showed him he said
“you've given me a big nose!!!”
I think it was at that moment that I knew where my career lay.

Leaving school at 16 I went straight in to working for Barclays Bank. After three years the Bank and I mutually agreed that my future lay elsewhere. Two more years of office jobs and one day I came home and announced to my parents that I was now a freelance cartoonist.

“What qualifications do you need for that?” my mum asked.
“absolutely none” I replied!

Steven's art is appreciated by guests everywhere, especially at weddings, conferences, exhibitions, promotions, dinners, balls, parties and more!

Working either standing and mingling with guests, or seated, a light hearted caricature drawn in black and white or colour on A4 paper usually takes about four minutes. A well drawn caricature drawn by a friendly and professional caricaturist or cartoonist is an unforgettable memento of your event for your guests or clients.